Dive Tip of the Month

October 2018

Redundant Air Supply

Cylinder sizes should be 19 to 30 cubic foot capacity.  The cylinder is mounted on the diver's right side of the main cylinder with the regulator hose (36 to 42 inch length) running under the divers right arm. The regulators second stage should be secured with a bungee style necklace around the diver's neck. A 90 degree swivel on the regulator hose at the second stage will allow the second stage to hang horizontally at this location.

This set up provides a balanced positioning of the redundant air supply and reduces the chance of snagging the hose while operating in reduced visibility. It more importantly allows the diver to quickly access the redundant air supply regulator if needed.

Some divers may opt to stage the redundant cylinder under their left arm instead of mounting it to the primary cylinder. This is also acceptable.