One hundred sixty feet down on a wreck in the North Atlantic or operating in black water feeling around in the mud for a missing child. Sport diving? Not by a long shot. So why are you training in sport diving techniques?

Sub Aqua Rescue Systems trains divers to operate safely and efficiently while undertaking extreme dives. We offer courses in all levels of technical, public safety diving, ice diving, surface ice rescue, and rescue swimmer. We have been training first responders for 25 years and are active members in public safety dive/water rescue teams. You could say we practice what we preach.

We also have all levels of courses for the recreational sport diver as well.

The expertise of our Instructors span all types of diving and this enables us to bring a unique learning experience to our students. 

Courses are held at our locations in Florida and New Jersey or if your group is at least eight people any course can be held at your location. 

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Sub Aqua Rescue Systems LLC
108 Forest Hills Blvd.
Naples, FLA 34113

Phone: (732) 684-9832